Introduction The Clean Teen Take Over!

Welcome to another exciting event y'all!
So if you have not heard of Clean Teen Publishing before, they are the Publishing group who did the Giveaway,Trent won! So congratulations to him for that. But here is some exiting news, Derpy Reviews has teamed up with Clean Teen once again for:
The Clean Teen Take Over!
Where twice a week for 5 weeks there will be a blog post straight from Clean Teen themselves. Almost all are focused on their books and have FREE excerpts and some even FREE BOOKS!
I know I can't believe it either! 
Here is the schedule!
 March 11th: Intro to Clean Teen
March 13th: Book feature + excerpt
March 18th: Series feature + excerpt
March 20th: Book feature + excerpt
March 25th: Book feature + excerpt
March 27th: Book feature + excerpt
April 1st: Series feature + FREE BOOK and excerpt
April 3rd: Book feature + excerpt
April 8th: Book feature + excerpt
April 10th: Book feature + FREE BOOK and excerpt

A huge thank you to Clean Teen for all of this. They made it super easy to make these blog posts for you guys so please go support them by:
Liking them on Facebook!
Following them on Twitter!
Friend/ Fan  them on Goodreads!
Following their blog!
And most importantly check out their books on Amazon!
Thank you all and Clean Teen!
Other cool events going on this month....
Book Reviews EVERY Sunday 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time!
Also the March Interview! I will be interviewing.... Drum roll please
Author of Avalon!
so there's that, the date is still TBD but I will let you all know ASAP, If you are friends with me on GoodReads you will know sooner.
Mike Mullin Blog Tour! Yay!
Hosted by Books With Bite
Books with Bite
It is coming up soon, I will give you the full schedule in a future update but, WE ARE IN IT!
Woa yea buddy! Isn't that exciting? Anyways, with the Blog Tour there is a giveaway for the Mike Mullin books! He is an awesome guy and his books are AMAZING!
So to keep updated on all of these AMAZING events follow us by email 
right over there

Thank you all so much for reading and have a fantabulous day! :)


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