Girl Online Book Review

Girl Online

By: Zoe Sugg

Review by: Derpy

Published by Keywords Press

Page count: 345

Penny is a teen blogger, she has boy problems, friendship issues, a quirky family and crippling panic attacks. She uses blogging to vent out her life and to try to help other kids going through the same thing. On her blog she is GirlOnline the girl who inspires people to keep going and maybe provide some insights on hard topics that teens will relate to. But back in the real world she is just a normal shy girl, she is an aspiring photographer with a gay best friend and is just trying to figure things out in her own world. After a horribly wrong video turns her life crooked she travels with her parents and her best friend, Elliot travel to New York to host a wedding for a rich couple, Penny meets Noah. She is in love and makes sure to include 'Brooklyn Boy' all over her bog. But what will happen when Penny finds out about Noahs secret that may topple her clever pseudonym and friendships? Find out in Girl Online.

To begin, I did not expect this book to be in any way good. But also to be fair I wasn't exactly the books target audience either, I knew who Zoella was and saw a couple of her videos when I was bored on YouTube but I am not one of her seven million screaming teenage girl subscribers. I found the book to be okay, tolerable and slightly interesting. It uses many allusions to popular culture, that were amusing, yet I found it annoying when there were four allusions about Justin Bieber on one page. It was definitely a romance novel and I would recommend it to any girls who want to read it, despite the Ghost Writer Scandal that the book was faced with around the time of its release (I will be posting about that and all the facts that you need/ want to know soon.)

I would recommend this book to...

  • Young girls who like Romance novels
  • Fans of Zoella and YouTube in general
  • Fans of Rainbow Roell


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