Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

Pitch Perfect 2

Directed by Elizabeth Banks

Staring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Haliee Steinfeild

Running time: 115 min.

Produced by Universal Pictures

Sequel to Pitch Perfect

Becca and the Barden Bella's are back at it, celebrating their national winning streak. After an extremely embarrassing performance for President Barack Obamas birthday resulting in the group being question for terrorist acts and why Fat Amy decided to not wear any underwear, the Bella's have been sanctioned from competing in the interscholastic acapella competition. The Bella's must win the world wide acapella competition in Germany, where the United States has never been victorious to regain their title and dignity.

This highly anticipated sequel to the hugely successful movie Pitch Perfect, what pretty good. Any movie go-er this year will tell you that it is not as good as the original, most sequels aren't, but it was still hilarious and great. However Pitch Perfect 2 relied on a lot of racist and sexist humor to deliver its punch lines which could be a fine or a bad thing depending on if you have thick skin. This was a great funny movie with a bunch of great one liners. I would recommend that you see it if you liked the first one.

I would recommend this movie to...
  • Fans of Pitch Perfect
  • Fans of comedy movies
  • Fans of popular music
  • People who are looking for a funny good movie


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