The Chair Review (TV Series)

The Chair

Review by Jack

Created by Chris Moore

"A STARZ Original Film Making Expriment"

This docu-series follows two up and coming directors, what will happen when two new directors are given the same script, the same filming are and the same amount of money to make their dream movie? The Chair documents the creation of two films, from two very different directors with very different ideas for their movie. After the films are out, we get to decide witch director is the winner of 250,000 dollars. Who are the competitions?

 Shane Dawson is an internet super star, with over 10 million YouTube subscribers and over a billion views he knows his audience and his life long goal is to be a director.

 Anna Martemucci is a New Yorker that is a writer, actor and film maker that co-wrote and produced a inde film. But she wants to be the director of her movie.

 With help from the best of the best in the movie industry, actor Zachary Quinto, with his producer partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson and producer Chris Moore to help guide them to the path of the red carpet.

This series is AMAZING! I binge watched the first 5 episodes and cannot wait for the next one. There are some parts that have mature themes, but thats because both of the directors are filming R rated movies. Its super funny and to me really interesting, that may just be because I am fascinated on how movies are made, and behind the seances things. The series is a Starz exclusive so you will have to pay extra for the Starz channel (for Comcast its 10 dollars a month for 12 months) and then you can watch the first 5 episodes before they are on either Starz Play an app that you can get with the upgrade, or you can watch it On Demand if you have Comcast. It is well worth the premium.

I would recommend this series to...
  • Fans of documentaries and behind the sences or How Its Made
  • Fans of Reality Television and competitions
  • Anyone looking for a funny and interesting TV Show
Thanks for reading! Go support the directors and make their dreams real!


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