Graduation Day Book Review

Graduation Day

By Joelle Charbonneau

Review by Derpy

Published by HMH Books

Page Count: 304 Pages

The Testing Trilogy Book 3

After surviving the Testing, Cia know that it must be put to a stop. The United Commonwealth is on the brink of an all out civil war and a plot that will result in even more blood being shed over the Testing. After the president presents her plan to Cia, she must decide who she will trust and who she can trust. Her friends? Her brother? The President herself? In an attempt to keep her nation together Cia must lead and chose what is the right choice and who is truly evil.

The third book in the Testing Trilogy, Graduation Day is a slightly slower novel compared to its predecessors. The story line is gripping and engaging with the reader, and although many think that it is a knock off of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games, it is a completely different story. Although it does show some similarities to The Hunger Games, such as the Testing concept and having a female heroin, the Testing and the Games are sort of the same concept, only completely different situations, and unlike Katniss, Cia has a more defined love life than Katniss. The love life does add a slight level of romance but not overwhelming and not the main point of the book.

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I would recommend this book to...
  • Readers of Independent Study and The Testing
  • Fans of Fire & Flood and The Hunger Games
  • Fans of Distopian Novels

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