The Testing Book Review

The Testing

By: Joelle Charbonneau

Review by: Derpy

Published by: HMH

Page count: 352

Series: The Testing (#1)

It's graduation day for Cia, the day where you go from teenager to adult. And some get chosen to continue with their education. But if they are chosen they must compete in the Testing. Cia’s dad was in the Testing, and Cia wants in to. But no one from her colony have been chosen in a decade. But she is chosen and soon she will learn that the government she trusted is more evil than she thought. But at least she has Tomas, a boy from her colony, and her new found love.
This was a good book. It really felt too much like the Hunger Games for my taste though. The book made me want to read the next but it just really felt like Suzzane Collins’s book to me. The storyline was interesting, a world poisoned by a bombing war years and years ago and only a few kids can go to the University. But it fell a bit short of my expectations.
I would recommend this book to...
  • Fans of the Hunger Games
  • Someone looking for a trilogy
  • Anyone looking for a Dystopian novel
This book has been published and is ready for purchase here and here!
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :)


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