Salt & Stone Book Review

Salt & Stone

By: Victoria Scott

Reviewed by: Derpy

Published by: Scholastic

Page count: 320

Series: Fire & Flood Series

Tella Holloway, is risking her lives for the sake of her brother. She is competing in The Brimstone Bleed, for the ultimate price to cure a loved one. Many others are competing against her and many will do unspeakable acts of cruelty to save their loved one. She travels with her new-found friends also competing for the prize, and with her beloved Pandora, Madox. Pandoras are creatures developed by the creators of the Bleed, to assist the competitors. Pandoras all have a special power that will provide useful to the competitors. What will happen to Tella and her friends in the second leg of this race, and who will get the ultimate prize of The Cure?

Salt & Stone, by Victoria Scott was a good as Fire & Flood, which is fantastic! When reading Fire & Flood, I was very concerned for it to just be a Hunger Games remake, but to my pleasure it was much better than a remake, and almost as good as the Hunger Games itself. Reading an ARC of this book is infuriating because it is going to be more than a year before the next and final installment is released. This book will leave you needing more and a closure to this fantastic series!

I would recommend this book to...
  • Fans of the Hunger Games
  • Fans of Fire & Flood
  • Fans of The Testing
  • Anyone looking for a great Trilogy


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