S.A. Bodeen Interview Part 2

S.A. Bodeen Interview Part 2

Part two of my interview with S.A. Bodeen, young adult author and winner of ALA's Young Adult Quick Picks for her book The Compound. Her other books include The RaftThe GardenThe Fallout and her new book, The Detour.


Me: What is the most rewarding part about being an author? 
SB: Hearing from readers who liked reading my books.

Me: Are you planning any tours or events that you would like to plug? 
SB: My launch for The Detour is 7 p.m. Sat October 3rd at Addendum Books in St. Paul.

Me: What are you reading at the moment? 
SB: I just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and am starting Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Me: What gave you the idea for The Raft
SB: I lived out on Midway with my family for a few years, and our flights from Honolulu were on a tiny plane. I always worried about it going down and decided to write my nightmare.

Me: Who were your role models growing up? 
SB: Captain Kirk. Mr. Spock. Lt. Uhura. Stephen King.

Me: What advice would you give to your younger self? 
SB: Don’t be a sheep.

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Thank you for reading part one of this interview, check back on Friday for part three and look back to Mondays part one
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The Detour comes out October 6th and can be pre-ordered here. 


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