Sweet Book Review

By Emmy Laybourn
Reviews by Derpy
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Page count: 288

Laurel was invited on the cruise of a lifetime by her best friend Viv. This luxurious celebrity cruise line guarantees that you will lose at least 10 percent of your body fat with a revolutionary new sweetener called 'Solu'. The people testing the amazing solution are either the rich or the famous, the cruise is crawling with celebrities and their publicists working feverishly to get on the cover of People. The only thing wrong with this cruise is that Solu seems like its having some negative side effects on the "guinea pigs" of the cruise. This cruise has everything for you, hot celebrities, budding romances, weight loss and of course a deadly artificial sweetener.

This book was very good. I had very high expectations as it was coming from the renowned author of the Monument 14 trilogy which was one of my absolute favorites. I really liked the characters in this book, they had a back story with depth and emotion. The whole idea of this 'Solu' was really interesting to me and set up this book for a win in my mind. It really was very good.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Fans of Monument 14 and Emmy Laybourn
  • Fans of Apocalyptic books
  • Anyone looking for a good book

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