Monument 14: Savage Drift Book Review

Monument 14: Savage Drift

By: Emmy Laybourne

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Macmillan

Page count: 320

Series: Monument 14 (#3)

They made it, the monument crew has made it to the reservation in Canada. A few have found their families and the rest have made a family of their own. But when Josie appears in the news paper Nico soon needs to go get her. Not all think that this is the right move, and things get even worse when Astrid finds out about the government strage interest in pregnant women from the disaster zone. Fleeing becomes the best option to protect her, accompanied by Jake and Dean as well as a desperate Nico, they must get to somewhere safe and, hopefully, save Josie.

This was a pretty good ending to an addictive series. I found out about this series last summer, I didn’t find time for reading but as soon as Monument 14 and Monument 14: Sky On Fire found their way onto my Kindle, I made time. This is a teen friendly book filled with survival and teen situations it perked my interests to the max. Great series, good ending.
I would recommend this series/ book to...
  • anyone who is a fans of apocalyptic books
  • anyone looking for a trilogy
  • someone who enjoyed the Ashfall Series

By the time you read this, this book will be available for purchase here or here!
Thank you for reading!


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