The Young World Book Review

The Young World

By: Chris Weitz

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Little, Brown

Page count: 384

In a world where there are no adults. In a world where New York is ruled by teenagers. In a world where sickness kills you when you turn 18. In a world full of young survivors. After his brothers death, Jefferson is in charge of the Washington Square tribe. He is a reluctant leader, but when a tribe member finds something that may lead to the cure for the Sickness, they set out on a long road trip through NYC full of blood thirsty kids to save mankind.

I gave up on this book. Not even 100 pages in and I felt it was taking a turn for the boring and dull. Yes it was very graphic, on the things that teenage boy with no parents do but not so much for anything besides blood and gore. The storyline was appealing and I can see some people getting into the book, but I didn’t. I think it would be better as a movie (Which may happen because the author is Chris Weitz) but not so much as a book.
I would recommend this book to...
  • Fans of post apocalyptic books
  • Fans of The Walking Dead
  • Fans of the Monument 14 series

This book will be published on July 29th 2014 and is available for pre-order here or here!

Thanks for reading y'all!


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