Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

Edge of Tomorrow

Review by: Jack

Starring:  and Emily Blunt

Director: Doug Liman

Movie length: 1 Hours and 53 Minutes

In the midst of an all out war with alien race, Major William Cage finds himself stuck in one day, in which him and his army are slaughtered over and over again. Cages skills increase each day as he fights the aliens but he can't figure out how to get on from that day. Soon Cage meets Rita Vrataski a "Rosy the Riveter" for the war movement, with her help cage hopes to get out of the same day, and finally finish this gruesome war.

I am going to be straight forward and honest, I expected a little more. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt acted great together, and they had good chemistry. It reminds me a lot of Groundhog Day, only with war, aliens and no humor. There wasn't "no" humor but there was just very little. About halfway through the film I was pretty tired of them showing the same two parts of the first day, I got it, he repeats day, I have heard this line literally 30 times in the last 50 minuets! Lets move on! So would give it a 7 out of 10, it had a good story line and great actors, I just wasn't very impressed.
I would recommend this movie to...
  • Fans of +Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt
  • Fans of the Groundhog Day story line
  • Fans of action or sci-fi

Thank you for reading! :) This movie is still currently in theaters


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