Mr. Nutcase Product Review

Mr. Nutcase custom cell phone cases sells custom phone cases  for practically any device, from a HTC One to the iPad Air, they can make you a case designed by you.

The process of creating the case is very simple, first you chose the company that makes your device, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, Etc. Then you chose the device and which type of case you want, Ultra Light, Executive Flip or Full Wrap. 

I went with the Ultra Light case. After that you get to chose the designs that your pictures will be laid out on the case, they have a great selection to chose from. 

And finally you get to design your case! Upload the pictures you want and drag and drop them, chose the background color of the case and add captions to make your phone case a work of art.

After you hit "Next" they will generate a preview of what your case will look like, mine looked like this.

I am a huge video game nerd and my case was based on the upcoming game Destiny!

Then you simply buy the case and in a few days, with FREE shipping I may add you will get your case in the mail.

But wait theres more!

I just want to thank you guys so much for reading, I have something very special for you. Here is a 10% off code for on any product from my friends over at Mr Nutcase.

The check-out code is: "Thanku10"

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