Cheep international calls with Toolani!

America's best international calling rates!

If you ever have friends in other countries you know how expensive it is to call them, with Toolani ( this problem is eliminated. With a flat rate for SMS messages, and super cheep minute rates Toolani is the best way to make international phone calls.

Make SMS messages to

  • The UK
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Germany and many more for only 10 cents!
Make the cheapest out of state phone calls to
  • Mexico for 5.5 cents to a mobile and 1.4 cents to a landline
  • China for 1.4 cents to a mobile and landline
  • The UK for 2.7 cents to a mobile and 1.4 cents to a land line
  • Canada for 1.4 cents to a mobile and a landline
  • Plus many, many more!
Toolani makes out of country call super easy, signing up takes less than 2 minutes and if you add a credit card with in 24 hours of signing up adding 10 dollars worth of calls is only 5 dollars!

Go sign up at today to make the cheapest out of state phone calls!

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