The Bunker Diary Book Review

The Bunker Diary

By Kevin Brooks

Review by Derpy

Published by Penguin Books

Page count: 268

Winner of the 2014 Cilip Carnegie Metal and an Amazon Editors' Favorite Book of the Year (2014)

Linus is trapped in a small rectangular room made of concrete, there are cameras everywhere, even in the bathrooms. He fell for an old mans trick, and is now trapped in this place. No one knows where he is, no one knows that he is missing. There is only one way out, the lift, it comes down once a day and then goes up once at night. Why is he trapped here? What does that man want with him? Will he ever get out? One day the lift comes down and he is not alone.

This is a spectacular, heart-wrenching, thrilling novel. Kevin Brooks will shock you and leave you at the edge of your seats, hoping for Linus and his companions, and probably have you thinking one word, "what?!?!" Mr. Brooks in not afraid to be controversial or hit you metaphorically again and again. The Bunker Diary is a spectacular read, but not for the faint hearted, it is very morbid and one main element is torture. This book will keep you begging for more.

I recommend this book to...
  • Fans of darker novels
  • Fans of mysteries
  • Teens and Adults at least 9th grade and above


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