The Program Book Review

The Program

By Suzanne Young

Review by Derpy

Published by Simon Pulse

Page count 432

Teenage suicide has become a huge epidemic. Many places have implemented a way to stop this epidemic, this is called The Program. The Program is designed to cure suicidal and depressed teens from their state, the only problem is once they return they wont remember many of their teenage years or friends. Instead of fixing the current epidemic it has pushed teens to suppress their feelings as to not get 'flagged'. Sloane knows this, her brother killed himself, but she can't cry because if she does she will be taken from everything she knows, her boyfriend James, her best friends Miller and Lacy. If she is taken she will never remember them, she has seen it before. Sloane and James try to stay strong and safe, but the Program is always watching, waiting to 'cure' them.

This was a very good book, it had a very interesting world set up with the idea of 'The Program'. But I did get a little annoyed at the main character, she seemed very clingy and "oh James this" and "oh James that". Unfortunately I have to warn you that there is a dreaded love triangle in this book also. But I will be reading the next in the series because it had set up a great situation and world. All in all, it was a great story line with a bit of an annoying love triangle.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Fans of Divergent
  • Fans of Semi-Realistic Fiction
  • Teenagers 13 and up
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