The Young Elites Book Review

The Young Elites

By Marie Lu

Review by Derpy

Published by Penguin Books

Page count: 368

The blood fever raged throughout the nation, killing many kids and adults, the survivors of this fever were marked with strange scars and odd new features. Many people are scared of these teens with the scars, they call them malfettos. Because of their new scars many people persecute them and believe that they are bad luck and they should avoid them at any chance they get. Adelina Amouteru is one of these unlucky teenagers that has become a malfetto, her once beautiful hair has turned to a gray shimmer and she had one of her eyes removed. Her mother was taken by the blood fever, leaving her and her sister to the cruel methods of their father, who is obsessed with the task of find Adelinas powers if she has any. The government, also fears these malfettos and persecutes them on the streets, they believe that they will over throw the government one day, and this may be true. There is a secret society made out of rebel malfettos who have developed powers, they call these malfettos The Young Elites. How will The Young Elites make things right? Find out in this thrilling YA Fantasy.

The Young Elites was a great start to a series, it set up an amazing world for the characters to interact in, and with an intriguing story line. Unfortunately I don't think that this series will be as good as the Legend series also by Marie Lu, but we will see if I am wrong, which I hope is the fact. This book has set up the world for a very good series, and probably give Marie Lu another New York Times Bestseller. The story was really interesting incorporating a civilization set in medieval times and having a Black Plague like senario, and the magic system that she made is pretty cool compared to other systems that we have read about, sort of giving the training process a Harry Potter feel.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Fans of The False Prince
  • Fans of Eon
  • Readers of the fantasy books
  • Fans of medieval books


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