NIL Unlocked Book Review

NIL Unlocked

By Lynne Matson

Review by Derpy

Published by Henry Holt and Co.

Page count: 432 pages

The sequel to NIL

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Rives is left on the island of NIL after his friends luckily were able to catch one of the elusive 'gates' home. These gates drop off teenagers from all around the world to this tropical island. But having a relaxing vacation is the last thing on the teenagers of NILs mind, they have 365 days to catch a gate home, if they don't, they die. Skyes dad is obsessed with finding an island that no one else has ever found or know about before, this obsession has cost him his marriage and the people close to him. But he convinces Skye that the island is real, she would have never believed him, but she read a mysterious journal from her late uncle describing this island, NIL is what he calls it. How will Skye and her dad effect Rives, and will she be able to save the kids on NIL?

NIL Unlocked was a great sequel to an amazing book, I had hoped that this book would come and, to my satisfaction, it did. NIL Unlocked answers many questions that you were wondering from the first book, what is NIL? Why is this happening? What happened to Charlie? What happened to Rives and the island? I loved the backstory and the history of NIL, it all really made the island come to life in my mind. NIL Unlocked was a great sequel that helped make the first book even better, one thing is for sure, what ever Lynne Matson is writing, I will be reading it. I am very excited to see what is next for her.

I would recommend NIL Unlocked to...

  • Readers of NIL
  • People who like semi-fantasy, and semi-realistic fiction
  • Lovers of rich backstory
  • Fans of the TV show Lost


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