Steve Jobs Movie Review

Steve Jobs
Review by: Derpy
Directed by: 
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Length: 122
Rated: R (For language)

Set backstage of 3 of the most iconic product launches in technology, paints Steve Jobs in a light many haven't seen before. Showing the real drama of Apple and of Steve Jobs personal life from a backstage perspective and utilizing flashbacks. 

Steve Jobs was a very interesting movie, it was really surprising to see what Steve Jobs was really like and how he actually treated his friends, staff and family. It really painted and showed what the iconic Steve Jobs life was actually like, between the drama with his daughter and the tension between his own company. I learned a lot of new things through watching this movie, however I don't think that I would have spent ten dollars on this movie while in theaters. But I would watch it through Netflix, or renting it. So I would recommend this movie, it was interesting but wait for it to come to Netflix.

I would recommend this movie to...

  • Longtime fans of Apple products
  • People who like learning about history


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