Top Sixteen Dystopian Novels

Top Seventeen Dystopian Novels

Here are some of my favorite dystopian novels that I have ever read.

  1. The Giver - Lois Lowry
One of my all time favorite books, also a great movie. If you are required to read this book in high school or middle school don't worry about having another dry required read. The Giver is the opposite. Review of The Giver Movie!
  1. Divergent - Veronica Roth
They may have butchered the second movie (My review here) but none the less I truly read this book in one night it was so fantastic. Don't let anyone spoil Allegiant for you!
  1. Blood Red Road - Moria Young
Great storyline, however the writing style is a little weird to me. It has many misspelling and slang words such as y'all, nutin' etc. I wasn't a fan of the second book but it may just have second book syndrome
  1. Legend - Marie Lu
Fantastic series. Marie Lu is one of my all time favorite authors because of her Legend Trilogy. Soon it will become a movie and I am so excited for the turn out! Its a thrilling read that will leave you wanting more and more.
  1. Reboot - Amy Tinterra
More of a dark dystopian sci-fi book. Very good, very dark and gory. I really cannot wait for the announcement of the third book. Review of Reboot here, Review of Rebel here!
  1. The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness
Great interesting and funny dystopian book, set on a different planet where people can hear each others thoughts. Very good series, each book in this trilogy are a good size so you will get your moneys worth.
  1. Enders' Game - Orson Scott Card
Despite the ruckus behind the authors money initiative, the Ender Quartet is great. Enders' Game was a fantastic read that was made into a pretty good movie. It is sort of a standard in Science Fiction, but its also Dystopian.
  1. Uglies - Scott Westerfeild
Scott Westerfeild tackles self-image and self-worth in this intriguing series. I was required to read It in middle school and it was actually really good considering I had to read it, not for fun but for a grade.
  1. Ship Breaker - Paolo Baciglupi
Great stand alone novel. I couldn't finish the second one but Ship Breaker was really good. It was a National Book Award Finalist and a Printz Award Winner. Human civilization declines rapidly because of the melted polar ice caps sets an interesting world where it tackles the consequences of global warming.
  1. The Hunger Games - Suzzane Collins
If you haven't heard of The Hunger Games Trilogy you must have been living under a rock for the past 4 years. 4 movies, 3 amazing books. Sometimes I feel like its overhyped and that every book is compared to it, but The Hunger Games remains as one of my all time favorites. (Review of The Panem Companion, an unofficial guide to the Hunger Games here)
  1. Insignia - S.J. Kincaid
A science fiction based dystopian fantastic trilogy. I need another S. J. Kincaid book as soon as possible now that the Insignia world is over after three books. Mrs. Kincaid sets up a great world with rich character backstory and to my surprise the final book, Catalyst was by far my favorite! Click here for that review.
  1. The Program - By Suzanne Young
Tackling a very troubling issue in todays society, suicide and teenage depression has gotten out of hand, good thing the government is ready to help, but in dystopian worlds the government is rarely the answer. Review here!
  1. The Maze Runner - By James Dashner
The Maze Runner is another great series that almost everyone has heard of. I must admit that it wasn't until the second time trying to read it that I actually found it interesting, but once it got going it was fantastic, same with the second and third book. I am not such a huge fan of The Kill Order though, however a new prequel is announced to come out which will be great. It was also made into two of my all time favorite movies! Click here for a review of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial Movie Review!
  1. Steelheart - By Brandon Sanderson
Fantastic series that has superpowers that actually work out. I cannot wait for the third and final installment of the Reconers Series, Calamity! Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors because of this series, its just so engrossing with so many great details. Read my review of Steelheart here and of Firefight here!
  1. Divided We Fall - By Trent Reedy
This is one of my favorite war/ military books I have ever read, I think its because of the dystopian element that it portrays. Not only is it a great read but its also funny and the writing elements in it are really great, between the mock TV show commentary and Tweets. Read my review of Divided We Fall here!
  1. The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau
A trilogy many think is just a copy of The Hunger Games. But it is way more than that and exciting in so many different ways. It was a great series and I cannot wait to see what else Joelle Charbonneau has in store for her readers. Read my review of The Testing here and of Graduation Day (Book 3) here!
Regularly scheduled reviews will be back next week with my review of Room the movie based off the best selling novel. I will also be posting the first of a new series of posts entitled "What's Up Wednesday" so check back Wednesday and next Sunday for more!


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