Random Book Review


By: Tom Leveen

Review by: Derpy

Published by: Simon Pulse

Page count: 224

Troi receives a call in the middle of the night, they have the wrong number, but he just wants one thing from Tori, one simple reason not to roll his car off the cliff he's on.

Is this phone call truly random? Tori and a couple kids from her school are on trial for forcing another student to kill himself. Tori’s FaceBook page is Peoples Evidence #1. What happens if Tori is connected to two suicides? The first has already blew up in all of the news outlets, making it a national story, and she could go to prison for it. She holds the power of a life in her hands. Will she blow it off or help them.

This was a very gripping story, right from the get-go. Did she really force him to kill himself? Is the phone call truly random? Will she go to jail for a FaceBook comment? Are all questions that race through your head throughout this book! The part that really really disappointed me was the ending. It had a whiny sort of tone and didn’t really fit the storyline. Maybe that was just because I read an ARC but I don’t know.

And it made me wonder, who do I want people to think I am behind the screen? A bully? A jerk? No I want them to think that I am a friend and that I have a heart.

I would recommend this book to...
  • People who like books that change the way you think
  • Anyone who enjoy Realistic Fiction books
  • Anyone looking for a fast paced read

Thanks for reading, this book is currently not published and will be on August 12th 2014! It is available for pre-order now here or here! Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!


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