Catalyst Book Review


By S.J. Kincaid

Review by Derpy

Published by Katherine Tegen Books

Page count: 432

Series: Insignia Book 3

Tom is excited to return to the Pentagonal Spire, after having a run-in with the CIA and the NSA, and to complete him and his friends goal of becoming a Intrasolar Force Combatant. But soon after returning, he finds that military positions have changed and General Marsh has been replaced by General Mezilo, a military nut. General Mezilo believes that at the Spire there is a behavioral issue after both Heather Akron and Elliot Ramirez have gone MIA, so his way of doing things is to whip them into shape, no socializing, no talking without being asked questions, swapping classes out for cleaning duty. Tom and his friends are making due with this but, soon Tom finds out a plot, one made by Joseph Vengerov involving a new neural processor and worldwide brain control, Tom is forced to do anything to stop the plot. Even if that means losing trust with his best friends.

I think that Catalyst was a great series ender. It was way better than Vortex and pretty close to being as good as Insignia. Catalyst was a great book to end with. This series ender didn't make me feel sad the series ended, it told all the stories of the world I wanted to hear and more. (Although I am waiting for a book from Medusas perspective...) One part of Catalyst really drew me in, it was so fascinating, it was the Vanya and Ushanka part. You will know the part when you read about it, but it was so interesting and I just ate it up. I cannot wait for S. J. Kincaid's next endeavor as an author, I don't think that she will disappoint. Catalyst will definitely not disappoint you.

I would recommend this book to...
  • Readers of the Insignia Series
  • Fans of Ready Player One, Eye Of Minds and Game Slaves
  • Anyone who is looking for a great sci-fi series

I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy from The Red Balloon Bookshop. This book will be available for purchase on October 28th 2014. and is available for pre-order here and here!

Thanks for reading! :)


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