Something New for the Weekly Post!

Something New...
This week at Derpy Reviews, I decided to do something new. 

For my weekly review I am going to post links to books I have read or want to read that I think are great reviews, the blog that I am linking the reviews from is Leonardo's Bookshelf. A blog that is made up of posts from my ex-teacher and friends mom, and tons of reviews from my friends and other students at my old school.

The first review is one of a book that I would really love to read soon, it is up next on my to-reads list. 

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. Review by Quinn S.

Next is a list of his six top books of 2013 and I completely agree with all of these!

My Top Six Favorite Books in 2013, listed by Julian K.

Hey look I found a review that I wrote two years ago! 

The Paladin Prophecy, by Mark Frost. Review by Derpy!

Here is another list of top books, some I have read, and some I am planning to read now.

Top 10 Fictional Novels, listed by Jack S.

My book review of the final book in this series is up right now, and I think this review captures the book Insignia great!

Insignia by S.J. Kincaid, review by Brian 

The final review that I have found for you is of a book that I thought was fantastic!

Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi. Review by Durrowaa

Thank you all for reading my list of reviews and blog posts from Leonardo's Bookshelf, please head over there and support the students and my teacher who put a lot of extra time and effort into posting weekly posts. They have a lot more fantastic reviews over there, one that I liked was the Me and Earl and the Dying Girl but there are tons of great posts to check out!

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If you think that I should do lists like this or like the students did in the links above, let me know by G+ing this post (Is that even a thing?) or leaving me a comment below! 

will see you guys next week like always!


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