GameStick Review

The GameStick

What is a GameStick?

A GameStick is a micro video game based, content console. Using the Android operating system. It is designed to play Android games on the big screen and run streaming programs such as Netflix and Hulu. The GameStick was initially funded by a KickStarter project that raised over 640,000 dollars.

How much?

The GameStick retails on their website for $79.99 for the console with one controller. But I purchased mine on sale at GameStop for $19.99.

  • The controller is comfortable to hold and easy to connect to the GameStick
  • The GameStick is small enough to put in your pocket and carry anywhere
  • Controller charges fast
  • Some games are quite addicting, such as Smash Cops
  • A couple good games are free to play! (Smash Cops, Stalagflight, and Vendetta Online)
  • Fast to start up and play fast!
  • Your fingers tend to slip off of the joysticks 
  • The inital start up time of the console and making your user profile is insane! It took more than 5 hours for my start up, due to slow connection and several updates and restarts.
  • Some games are not worth the $2.99 price tag
  •  Very small game library, even less for those of us looking for the free fun games.
  • The console lacks things that we look for in any device, the GameStick doesn't have any apps (No Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Twitch)
  • $79.99 is a lot for a console that lacks industry standerds
 Is it worth it?

It may be worth the 20 bucks I spent on it, it depends on what you are looking for. But it is NOT worth it for 80 dollars! Maybe when a few more hihg quality games and Netflix are added but not now.


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