Firefight Book Review


By Brandon Sanderson

Review by Derpy

Publisher Delacorte Press

Page Count 432

Series: The Reconers #2

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David and the Reconers have finallty freed New Cago from the evil dictator epic, Steelheart. They are living pretty peacefully in New Cago but the Reconers are not ones to sit around, they are getting restless, there are more epics to kill and more people to save. Prof finally decides to get to work, a couple epics showed up in New Cago and they all have ties to one epic in particular, Regalia a high water epic, she single handedly raised the sea levels in New York killing thousands. Prof takes David ad Tia to join the other team in New York and hopefully bring down Regalias rule, and in Davids case, find Megan.

I really liked this sequel, usually sequels suck and never live up to your expectations set from the first book, but this one did for me. That being said, I really did get bored of the romance between Megan and David, in Davids case it was like "I must find Megan my one true love who betrayed my team and almost killed me" along with a bunch of other sappy stuff that I wouldn't think Davids character would do. I am very intrigued by this storyline of epics, I really hope that Brandon Sanderson writes a separate book so that we can read Davids epic notes, like a companion book, such as The Girl on Fire or The Panem Companion.
I would recommend this book...

  • If you read Steelheart
  • If you are a Marvel or DC fan
  • If you are looking for a fantastic series
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