Steelheart Book Review


By: Brandon Sanderson

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Random House

Series: The Reconers, book one

Page count: 394

Cal has seen Steelheart bleed. No one else has, only cal. Steelheart is one of the most powerful, heartless and destructive Epics in the world. He is impervious to guns, bombs, tanks, bows, knifes and swords, he is invincible and to top him off he can shoot beams of combusting energy from his hands. Cal has no clue how Steelheart bleed, or what his weekness is, but he is determined to find out, Steelheart killed his father, and became dictator of his city. There is only one force of people brave and powerful enough to take down Epics, one by one. They are called The Reconers, Cal is determined to find them and join with them to take Steelheart down.
Steelheart was a great book! I love books that have a great complexity behind each character. For example, each Epic has multiple powers and one or more weeknesses, they also all have specific classes and specifications with each. I would love to see a companion on the many different Epics titled perhaps, The Reconers Guide To Epics maybe? I cannot wait for the next few books. Thank you Brandon Sanderson for taking me back to my childhood of super powers and super heros, even if most in this book are super villains...
I would recommend this book to...
  • Anyone who is looking for a series to invest in.
  • Someone who enjoys books with great character development
  • Someone who likes books about super powers, distopian Fiction, and Fantasy.

This book is out and available for purchase. To buy this book you can go here or here!
Thank you so much for reading! :)


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