The Panem Companion Book Review

The Panem Companion

By: V. Arrow

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: BenBella Books Inc.

Page count: 224

The Panem Companion, is now one of my favorite book guide/ companion books I have ever read. I never thought that there was a science behind Suzzane Collins mythical country of Panem. But when I read this book I was not only intrigued but I agree with and could understand a lot of the things V. Arrow brought up. The most intriguing part of The Panem Companion was, I though the map that V. Arrow made of Panem. She figured out the approximate time that the world could theoretically look like that. And she made very logical guesses on why the characters were named what they were and the meaning of their names. I really thought that the names were just thought up but there is a whole story of logic behind Katniss name that I never realized.

This was a very good companion book, the whole idea of it taking a indepth look at Suzzane Collins world is just amazing. Writing and researching for this book to get this amount of info and conved in this way must have taken year to do!
I would recommend this book to...
  • Anyone who liked or enjoyed The Hunger Games movie or book
  • Anyone who likes the science and history behind books
  • Anyone who is 10 years or older
  • Someone who enjoys companion books

The Panem Companion is out and available for purchase. It can be bought here or here. I would like to thank BenBella Books for sending me this book on NetGalley.
Thank you all so much for reading! :)


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