NIL Book Review


By: Lynne Matson

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Henry Holt and co.

Page count: 384 pages

NIL is a mysterious island that is unknown to the regular world. Teens and only teens are swept up from around the world by “Gates” that take them to this place. You don’t want to go to NIL. If you go there you have exactly 365 days to escape through the gates or you die. No one on the island knows why they are there, but they do know that they need to leave. Charlie is one of these unfortunate teenagers how is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Join Charley, and her new found love Thad in their journey on NIL and their quest to leave.

NIL was absolutely fantastic! And it was so good i’m calling it, my favorite book of 2013! Yes it was that good. At first I thought it would be too mushy for me, and yes there was a part where I was like, “stereotypical girl, make up your mind about this guy!” But that part was quite quick so it became the perfect mix of romance and action for me. I personally feel really strongly in hoping that there will be a second book and more books from Lynne Matson because NIL was so good.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Someone who is into action books
  • Someone who likes a small amount of romance
  • Anyone who is looking for a fantastic page turner book

I received this book as a Advanced Readers Copy form a book club I am in. This book is not yet published for the public. This book will be available for sale on March 4th 2014 and is avialbe for pre-order here or here

Thanks for reading! :)


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