Happy Thanksgiving, Ten Bookish Things I'm Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving Readers!
-With Ten Bookish Things That I am Thankful For!

#10: Amazon Kindle Touch and the Kindle App. 
I prefer to read from a real book but, I got to say that when I am traveling my outdated Kindle Touch is a great way to read on the go. Or when you are just out and about, say waiting at the doctor's office the Kindle App is very handy!

#9: Maze Runner, the Books and the Movies.
Maze Runner by James Dashner and adapted into film by Wes Ball is probably one of my favorite book-to-film adaptations! Many hate it since they are so different but I love them both equally as much! Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Movie Review here.

#8: The Legend Series by Marie Lu.
Legend, Prodigy and Champion are one of my favorite Dystopian series out there. I am stoked that a movie is possibly in progress and its just an all around great series - Not to mention Marie Lu is a super cool person! ;)

#7: A Heated Blanket…
In my opinion there is nothing better than coming home after school or whenever and just cozying up in a heated blanket with a good book. What a great way to do it.

#6: NetGalley.
Now many of you probably don't know this service but it is a website that allows bloggers, librarians and booksellers to read unpublished novels online or on your favorite e-reader device. It makes is super easy for any industry member to receive or send e-galleys. If you are an industry member who uses NetGalley I encourage you to use the hashtag #ThanksPublishers to show appreciation of them sending us e-galleys!

#5: Audible.com, best way to read… or listen, on the go!
Audible.com is the biggest library of audiobooks and super easy to use. There really isn't another option if you want to listen to an audiobook on the go. They also have a free book for signing up!

#4: This Super Cool Book Nook.

Not much to say, besides that this makes me jealous….

#3: My Twenty One Pilots Pandora Station.
I am sort of a Twenty One Pilots fanatic and my Pandora Station for ToP is pretty much my favorite thing to listen to while reading, it just has such a great variety of Alternative music for me!

#2: The Harry Potter Series.
EVERYONE knows about the Harry Potter Series, it has changed the book industry (Not to mention the movie industry) FOREVER! For all of us Muggles out there, J.K. Rowling will forever be our hero!

#1: Independent Bookstore Author Events.
Meeting someones favorite author is a once in a lifetime amazing event for many, meeting someone who has entertained you or somehow changed your life is a super cool opportunity. With the rising popularity of Amazon I urge you to remember that author visits and events are made possibly only by the existence of independent bookstores, so I urge you to consider making a purchase at your local bookstore!

And I'm Thankful for you!

-What are some bookish things you're thankful for?


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