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Placebo Junkies
By J. C. Carleson
Review by Derpy
Published by Knopf Publishing
Page Count: 304

Audie's normal life: Wake up, take some pills, smear some cream, have a couple doctor examinations, give a few blood tests, urine test and a million other tests, go to bed, repeat. Its her way of life, easier than actually working with only a few side effects, sneezing, puking, nausea, ichting, runny nose, abnormal bleeding, random bumps and lumps, patchy skin and anything else you can think of, her and her friends have had it. They are what you would call professional guinea pigs signing up for as many test medications, and products they can just for a good payday. Audie wants to take her terminally ill boyfriend on a vacation of a life time (However short his may be) but in order to afford it she must put her life on the line and do as many studies she can at once to get the money for this extravagant gift, can she take the mumps, bumps and lumps for much longer?

Placebo Junkies has one of the best covers I have seen, very similar in theme to Game Slaves. The binding -> looks just like a pill bottle and I love when publishers do that!

Anyways Placebo Junkies was a pretty good book, it was a really interesting plot with all the symptoms and side effects being detailed and the clinical study "Lifestyle". It had a really interesting backstory from Audie's perspective and told a lot of great allegories throughout the book. However I sort of find the tragic "gonna die soon" love stories annoying, but because of the plot and how it was a driving factor for the book I can over look it.
All in all a pretty good read!

I would recommend this book to...

  • Fans of Realistic Fiction
  • Fans of Terminal love stories such as The Fault In Our Stars
  • Anyone looking for a good standalone novel

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