Room Movie Review


Directed by: 
Based on the novel by: Emma Donoghue
Production Company: Element Pictures
Run Time: 118 minuets
Rated: R (For language)

Winner of 6 awards including, Peoples Choice Award (Toronto International Film Festival) 3 Audience Awards (Aspen Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival and Hampton International Film Festival), Truly Moving Picture Award (Heartland Film), and Most Popular Canadian Film (Vancouver International Film Festival).

Jack has only ever know Room, a small ten by ten space where him and Ma live, but its a whole universe to Jack one that Ma has created for him to live in with-out fear. Jack is an enthusiastic, smart little five year old, and soon his questioning begins to unravel the nurturing world that Ma has created for them. Soon they take a risky plan to escape and it pays off, but not all is cheerful outside the confines of their old shack. Jack must be incredibly strong for not only himself but for Ma and his other family as well.

Room, was incredibly hard to watch at some points, especially because the horrors that happen in this movie, have happened. But at other points it was funny, lighthearted and heartwarming. The acting was great, I have heard a couple murmurs about Brie Larson possibly being nominated for an Academy Award - I wouldn't be surprised. This movie will keep you thinking about people and stories like this, for example the Amanda Berry case. But all-in-all I would recommend this movie but its not at all a "happy feel good" movie.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Readers of Room by Emma Donoghue
  • People who like dramas, not necessarily happy ones.
  • Fans of realistic movies
  • Anyone interested in stories like those of Amanda Berry's
Besides those 6 wins, Room was also nominated for Best Actress - Brie Larson (Gotham Award) and Best Film (London Film Festival).


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