ARV-3 Book Review


By: Cameo Renae

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Indie Inked

Page count: 370

The world as we know it is gone, and humanity itself are the ¨crazy¨ doomsday preppers. The world power grid is gone. As soon as that happens nuclear reactors overheat, polluting our Earth with tons of radiation, it is projected that much of it will be gone in ten years, but that means living in ḧives" until that time. Abi is one of these survivors, she and her parents along with a couple other families live in their hive. And the day has finally arrived 13 long years later when they can return to the Earth they loved so much, but will they want to live? There are survivors on the Earth, but they are mutants and all they want is human flesh. Join Abi and her friends as they try to survive in this hostile environment.

Wow. In haven't ever read any zombie apocalypse book like this. The back story is so rich with detail and its not generic, like "and then there were zombies!" It seems pretty realistic it was great. The ending left me wanting more and I cannot wait for the second one.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Anyone who liked World War Z
  • Anyone who likes Apocalyptic books, specifically zombie ones.
  • Someone who likes Romance and Action books.

I received this book as an Advanced Copy from NetGalley. By the time you read this, ARV-3 will be avaible for purchase here or here!
Thank you for reading!


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