ARV-3 Flim

Have you read my ARV-3 book review?

What happens when you take a Amazon top 100 book author
teamed up with
a award winning short indie movie studio
and legend prosthetic hollywood veteran?
A fan made film on a best selling book!

Cameo Renae: ARV-3 author.
ARV-3 was recently on Amazons top rated books list with Hunger Games and many more!
She will help write the ARV-3 script
Timid Monster Movies: Short John Grey and award winning short Avarice
They are the production studio helping bring your dreams of the ARV-3 world to life!
Matt Singer: Famously known for his work with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Star Trek: Nemesis
His work with prosthetics will help turn the Arvies into your worst nightmare!

And now they need your help to make this movie happen!
The author is onboard, are you?

How can I help?: Visit their Kickstarter Page, and if you can donate. If not share the page on Facebook, G+, Twitter, Blogpost, Goodreads, Tumblur, Email, even text message. We need your help and your friends help and their friends help!

What do I get?: Timid Monster has a great list for you and rewards for funding their Kickstarter. Some are limited so hurry up!

We need your help! 
If the movie is funded you can expect to see...
  • Possible author interview or movie team interview
  • Movie review
  • Prizes and giveaways!
  • More!


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