K-Pop Book Review


By: Stuart A. Kallen

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group

Page count: 68

I really don’t read much non-fiction books, I may start reading more though because of this one. The pages are brightly colored and have cool decorations with interesting tidbits on them. The book itself was quite short but it gave me all the information I would need about the music genre K-Pop.
I never realized that the music industry is like a factory in South Korea, its so different from the United States. Personally I really enjoy Psy’s music, in fact I saw him in concert. And I really liked learning about how he came to be making music. Good book. Packed with info.
I would recommend this book to...
  • Anyone who likes K-Pop
  • Anyone who enjoys learning things from books
  • Someone who wants to know more about K-Pop and the music industry

I recived this book from NetGalley, and sent by Lerner Publishing Group as an Advanced Reader Copy. This book was published on 2/1/13 and is available for purchase here and here!
Thank you for reading! :)


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