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Sunrise Book Review

By: Mike Mullin

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Tanglewood Press

Series: Ashfall series

Page count: 466

Warren is no longer safe. The “stocktonians” or “Reds” as they call themselves have taken over also capturing all of the pork and food they had. They have retreated to Uncle Paul's farm and conflicting ideas are eminent. The farm is no longer safe for Alex's family and the responsibility has fallen onto Alex's shoulders, does he have what it takes to start and govern a colony?
This book started out pretty slow. Slower than the first books by a long shot. I also found that there was a total of less drama and action throughout the majority of the book, compared to Ashfall and Ashen Winter. It was a good book and Mike has not lost the teenage type humor that drew me and my friends to in the first place. It was a good series ending.
I would recommend this book to...
  • Anyone who read Ashfall and Ashen Winter
  • Someone who has the time to read a long and slightly slower book
  • Anyone who is 12 and older

Mike Mullin’s first job was scraping the gum off the undersides of desks at his high school. From there, things went steadily downhill. He almost got fired by the owner of a bookstore due to his poor taste in earrings. He worked at a place that showed slides of poopy diapers during lunch (it did cut down on the cafeteria budget). The hazing process at the next company included eating live termites raised by the resident entomologist, so that didn’t last long either. For a while Mike juggled bottles at a wine shop, sometimes to disastrous effect. Oh, and then there was the job where swarms of wasps occasionally tried to chase him off ladders. So he’s really glad this writing thing seems to be working out. Mike holds a black belt in Songahm Taekwondo. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and her three cats. Ashen Winter is his second novel. His debut, Ashfall, was named one of the top five young adult novels of 2011 by National Public Radio, a Best Teen Book of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews, and a New Voices selection by the American Booksellers Association
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