The Deepest Blue Book Review

The Deepest Blue

By: Kim Williams Justesen

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Tanglewood

Page count: 275

Mikes life is close to his imagination of perfect, his dad and him work as charter fishermen for tourists, and Mike gets great pay from that. He has his money saved up for college and has a great girlfriend, but all girls can cause drama. And his dad is getting ready to possibly marry his girlfriend who has been like a mom for the past five years of his life. Mike doesn't see his mother ever. His parents divorced when he was young and any memories he has of her are not good ones. But when Mikes dad dies in a car accident, his mom wants him for the first time, but Mike doesn't want her. Join Mike and his fight for control of his life against his birth mother.

Just reading this book caused me heart pain. I'm not a guy who gets sad over movies and stuff, but this book made me mad, or just upset over the legal system our country runs on. It was a great realistic fiction book, it may just be that I endured a family death recently but it seems like a very normal grieving process and pretty realistic. Great story line!

I would recommend this book to...

  • Anyone who likes Realistic Fiction
  • Someone who is looking for a shorter single book (not a series)
  • Anyone looking for a good read

I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy, from the publisher. By the time you read this, this book will be available for purchase here or here.
Thank you for reading!


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