Durovis Dive Review

Durovis Dive Reality Smartphone Gaming Headset

Product: Durovis Dive Reality Gaming Headset

Company: Durovis

Parent Company: Shoogee GmbH & Co. KG

Retail Price: 78.64 USD (57 Euros)

Turn your smartphone device into a immersive experience,  if you look up while wearing the headset, you look up in the game!

The Durovis Dive harvests your smart phones gyroscope to create a head tracking system.

A smartphone, check this list if your smartphone will work (scroll down the page)
Earbuds or headphones
Bluetooth controller (Many VR Dive games require this)

A truly amazing experience! I was in the game, I was so immersed that I feel over while "riding" a roller coster.
Cheep less that 100 Dollars
Easy to assemble and use.
Easy for developers to create games for it.
uses your smartphone so you don't need any extra purchases

Low selection of games, even lower for iOS
games must be ported to the Dive system

My thoughts:
Amazing experance. If you have not tried VR games before it is really like being inside the game. Unfortunately for me I have iOS so there a only a few games available, but I am very interested in its potential.
Would I buy this? Yes

Unboxing video!

This is my unboxing video from my review blog, Derpy Reviews.

Huge thank you to the people at Durovis who sent me this headset for review.
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