'Tastic Thursday #1

Welcome to a new series called 'Tastic Thursday!
I currently do not know how often 'Tastic Thursday posts will be, they will be around.
'Tastic Thursdays revolve around memes that I like/ find around, and anything else that doesn't fall into a review category! So without further ado here we go!

'Tastic Thursday

Meme #1

Here is a meme that I made up from watching too much Hunger Games.

One more,
How about another?
Last one.
I have too much time on my hands...

Anyways make some more of those. Post a link to them in the comments for the rest of the world to enjoy. I may even make a gallery if you say I can use you image.

Quick blog update:
New "Book Reviews tab" check it out, its just a way to sort through the book reviews by cover.
Also the first tech review is coming up, and there may even be a un-boxing video with it.
And the Mindee Arnett Interview is also coming, I'm sorry about the delay.

'Tastic Thursday P2
Kickstart these Kickstarter Projects!
So down here is a list of a bunch of Kickstarter projects that need funding. One big feature and three small features! Lets dig in!

TI:ME Slippers!
"Our slippers engineer that state of relaxation by helping you chill out, combat stress, and recover energy, so that you can be your best, mentally and physically... without looking like a hobbit."
"Our sole is created with a customized rubber that moves in unison with your foot to reduce tension. "
"Our SumoStretch™ laces allow you to slip right in without any hassle"
"The low model has a disappearing Houdini Heel so you can slip in and out of it, or keep it up for a shoe-like feel."
Please become a backer if you can, and if you cant, share it with your friends!

Confused on what Kickstarter is?
Click here for their FAQ's

All meme images above are original memes created by Derpy for Derpy Reviews. They are property of Derpy Reviews Blog. I give permission for re-post-ation (The action of reposting an image) if credit is given to Derpy Reviews Blog, along with the link www.derpyreviews.blogspot.com, with the image.
All images in the Kickstarter section are property of the Kickstarter Project owner
Thank you.


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