New in April!

April Events!
The newest events coming in April are...
The blogs FIRST tech review!
The people at Durovis were so helpful and they sent their VR headset the Durovis Dive. Harnessing the powers of your smartphone to provided an amazing virtual reality experience.
Check out the Dive here!
Regular Sunday book reviews.
Posted every Sunday at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
The Clean Teen Takeover!
The people at Clean Teen sent us some AMAZING blog post for their books, this series will be continuing until April 10th. Posts for that go up every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.
The Mindee Project: Mindee Arnett Interview.
This was postponed from March because of The Clean Teen Takeover. Date: Still TBD but find out first if you are friends with us on GoodReads...
But will probably be towards the end of April

New Blog stuff...
Now on every review there is a disclaimer button at the top if you wish to read how I received the product I am reviewing click that button and it will inform you.
I made a header for a small indie bookshop in my area at the top of the site, the link goes to their Indie Go Go project I highly encourage you to check out their page and donate if possible!


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