Reboot Book Review


By: Amy Tintera

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Harper Teen

Page Count: 365 Pages

Wren was dead, she was shoot 3 times in the chest. 178 minutes she woke up from being dead. But shes not the same. Shes a Reboot. A person that is stronger, faster, able to heal and less emotional. The longer your dead the more strong you are and the less emotion you have. She lives and is kept captive at HARC with all the other Reboots. Wren is content with her life, HARC has her arrest some people, kill some people, thats just the way things are for Reboots. But then she starts training Callum who was dead for only 22 minutes, and she starts to question her self.
This was a great book. It was sort of creepy but not so much where you are completely creeped out and you want to give up on the book. And it did have some more mature themes but it made it better and not worse. Reboot is a little Romantic but not much considering Wren doesn’t have any emotion. But the most important thing was it had me hanging on the edge of my seat!
I would recommend this book to...
  • Anyone who is 12 and up, or in 7th grade.
  • Someone who likes books placed in a Dystopian world
  • Someone who likes books with a dark edge
  • Someone who like page turners.

Reboot is out and is available for purchase here or here!
Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy your day. :)


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