Rebel Book Review

Rebel (Reboot #2)

By: Amy Tintera

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Harper Teen

Page count: 384

Series: Reboot

Wren and Callum have escaped HARC and they have made it to the Reboot reservation, but its not as peaceful as the rebels made it sound. Micah the reservation Reboot leader doesn’t want peace, he wants a all out war with the humans, and to eliminate their entire race. All though the idea doesn’t sound completely insane to Wren she knows there cannot be a war, Callum and Wren have a different plan. Join Wren and Callum in the second installment of the Reboot series.

This book was very good and almost as good as Reboot. The romance part of the novel almost took over, which I frown upon most days, but I’m very happy it didn’t. I finished this book in 2 days so that means it was good to me. The characters were great and the book felt just like the first one. All in all this was a great book.

I would recommend this to...

  • People who like Semi-Romance books
  • Anyone who likes Dystopian novels
  • Anyone who like a creepy sort of vibe to their books
  • People who liked Insignia and Legend
  • Anyone who is 12 years old or in 7th grade

I received Rebel as an Advanced Readers Copy through a book club I am in. Rebel is not out and is available for pre-order here or here. Rebel will come out on May 13th 2014.
Thanks so much for reading! :)


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