Big Air Book Review

Big Air

By: Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Review by: Jack Fischer

Published by: James Lorimer & Company

Page count: 142

Jax is living his dreams. He is a Native American snowboarder who is sponsored by Burton Boards, he goes to The Podium Sports Academy and lives with rich billet family and his best friend Rob. But then his older brother, Marc comes along. Marc is not good news, he shows up to some of Jax’s games and asks him about the money he's making. Then there is a break in at Jax house that involves Marc and leave Rob in the hospital. Is Marc, his abusive brother really worth losing everything?

This was an okay book. It reminded me of Peak, a short book about a gifted climber. It was not my style of book. The story line was great, but I feel like the book was rushed. And lacked a certain amount of detail.

I would recommend this book to...

  • Someone who is a weak/ struggling readers
  • Someone who liked Peak
  • Someone who likes Mike Lupica’s books
  • Anyone who is 10 and up

I received this book as an Advanced Readers Edition from NetGalley sent by James Lorimer & Company. This book will be published on March 4th 2014 and is available for pre-order now here and here
Thanks for reading! :)


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