V. Arrow Interview! Day 3!

Is it really day there all ready? That means you only have 5 more days to sign up for The Panem Companion Giveaway! (Sign up below) Well time flies when you are reading a interview... Is that even a saying? Oh well here is another part of the interview.
Question #9
Derpy: What is the last book you have read?

V. Arrow: The House of Hades! I finally got to read it this week.

Question #10
Derpy: When you were 13 or 14 what was your dream in life, was it to be an 

V. Arrow: Yup. I’ve never wanted to be anything else (except a Muppet…I did really want to be a Muppet). 

Question #11
Derpy: What books did you read when you were 13 or 14?

V. Arrow: I really loved Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries, Love and Other Four-Letter Words, Marissa Moss’ Amelia series, and the Monster of the Month Club quartet by Dian Curtis Regan.

Question #12
Derpy: Is there anything that you find specifically challenging about writing?

V. Arrow: Not getting too attached to a project to feel like editing it would be painful, but being attached enough to make sure that it shows your real passion. But that might just be me! 

Thats all for today! Go tell all your friends about the interview and then come back tomorrow! 

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