V. Arrow Interview! Day 1!

Well welcome to day one of the V. Arrow interview! Here are 3 questions from the interview and here they are! Enjoy!
Question #1:
Derpy: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
V. Arrow:   I go by the name V. Arrow, and I’m 26 years old. I studied History and Creative Writing
with emphases on pop culture and Young Adult lit, respectively, when I was in college.
(Which, despite the typo in my “About the Author” of The Panem Companion, was at Knox
College, not Know College…haha.) I live in “District 10,” according to the map in my book!
Question #2:
Derpy:  I take it you are a big Hunger Games fan?
V. Arrow: Haha, yes! My favorite characters are Cinna, Mags, Finnick, and Annie, although 
I also have a major soft spot for both Thresh and Foxface. (And I love Katniss and 
Peeta, of course. And Rue. And Posy. I just like most of the characters, apparently.)
Question #3
What was the most interesting thing you found out about
The Hunger Games?
I always say that the country of Panem is my “real” favorite character. Looking at the ways
that the districts interact with each other and formed around their own cultures/specialties is 
what most piques my interest and affected me while reading. 
Well thats all folks! Come back tomorrow for another part!

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