V. Arrow Interview! Day 4!

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Question #13
Derpy: Do you have any advice for us aspiring authors?

V. Arrow: You never know where your first book deal will come from, so do what you love. Don’t write to suit other people or to try to impress strangers, write to satisfy yourself and express the things that matter to you, and the right topic and themes will find you. It sounds clich├ęd, but it’s true: if I hadn’t been writing Hunger Games fanfiction, I would have missed out on 2/3 of the publication deals that I have had! (The Panem Companion and Fic, respectively, and through both of those projects, I have met amazing people and experience in the publishing industry, as well as having gained a little confidence in my writing.)

Question #14
Derpy: Do you have any pets?

V. Arrow: No, my building doesn’t allow them, sadly.

Question #15
Derpy: What part of writing The Panem Companion was your favorite?

V. Arrow: I think researching the chapter “The Games as Exploitation, Exploitation as Entertainment” was the most eye-opening…and the
most dystopian.

Question #16
 Derpy: How often do you write?

V. Arrow: Every day.
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