V. Arrow Interview! Day 2!

Hey y'all welcome back to 3 more questions from my interview with V. Arrow! I hope you enjoy!
Question #4:
Derpy: Has Suzanne Collins talked to you or commented about your 
V. Arrow: No. Part of the deal with being an unofficial companion book is that 
none of it can be made “official” by getting her confirmation (or 
denial, although I don’t like to think in those terms).
Question #5:
Derpy: Can we expect to see any other books like The Panem 

V. Arrow: Well, books like The Panem Companion are Smart Pop 
Books’ specialty, so they do have many, although not by me! I’ve 
contributed to two of their anthologies: Fic: How Fanfiction is Taking
Over the World, edited by Anne Jamison, and Divergent Thinking, 
edited by Leah Wilson. Both have essays by me—and Divergent 
Thinking also includes a map of Divergent’s Chicago that gave me a 
LOT more trouble than Panem did!
Question #6
Derpy: Are you an Apple person or an Android?
V. Arrow: Neither! I don’t have a smart phone, and I work on a desktop computer. 
Well, come back tomorrow for more!

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