Under The Lens

Under The Lens

By: Renee Carter

Review by: Derpy

Publisher: Dark Blue Publishing

Page count: 242

Aidan has no money. But when his mom signs him up to act as Mr. Stolkens rich grandson, he has everything a guy could ask for. A mansion to live in, A credit card with no limits, A sports car, and even a hot girlfriend. But he doesn’t have any privacy. When Aidan's mom signed him up for this she signed away his privacy, every second of his life is filmed for Mr. Stolkens new TV show, Rich Life. And Aidan is his star. But then Aidan meets Hazel. And she is not in Mr. Stolkens plans for Rich Life. having Hazel as his girlfriend could break his contract, and when the contract is broke they would be slapped with an $ 80,000 fine. Is Hazel worth it all? Join Aidan's Rich Life reality mess-up.
Under The Lens was intriguing from the start. The idea of Under The Lens was so intriguing to me I could stop thinking about it until I bought it. It was a great book. I thought it was going to take a turn for the bad books and have a flaky ending but I was happily proven wrong.
I would recommend this book to...
  • Someone who likes small amounts of Romance in their books
  • Someone who is 12 or up
  • Someone who like Realistic-Fiction books
  • Anyone who likes a fast read

Under The Lens is published and available for purchase. To buy Under The Lens click here or here.
Thank you for reading! :)


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