Derpy's Days Of Giving 2013 Day 1

Welcome to Day One of Derpys Days Of Giving!

Question #1:
Derpy: Who writes your favorite book series?

Gard: Just one? OK, then I have to pick a classic … JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. He built a world that no one had been able to touch until Harry Potter. A big reason I chose Houghton Mifflin for Game Slaves was because Tolkien is there too.
Question #2
Derpy: What do you do when you get writers block?

Gard: I don’t really get writer’s block. There’s no pressure -- it’s something fun I share with my wife and kids.
Question #3
Derpy: When did you first get an interest in writing?

Gard: Ever since I can remember. When I was 11 I told everyone I was writing an apocalyptic world-ending movie called March of the Sand Crabs.
Thank you for reading! Check back tomorrow for more of the interview! : )

Gard Skinner


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