Derpy's Days Of Giving 2013 Day 3

Welcome back to another day of Derpy's Days Of Giving!
Question #7
Derpy: Who is your favorite character in Game Slaves?

Gard: Each one has their own qualities, but you know that if you read it. Dakota is a blast. She just keeps at it. Like a great gamer, thinking of new solutions, new angles, testing everyone and everything, and she never stops. Mi is awesome too. She’s going to get her own book along the way.
Wow exclusive news that Mi, will have a book of her own! This is the only site you'll here that one!
Question #8
Derpy: How would you describe yourself?

Gard: I would say I’m a grizzled old mountain kid with hard miles.
Question #9
Derpy: How would you describe Game Slaves?

Gard: It’s brain-wrenching. It’s pretty action-packed, but when you think about the characters and their core qualities, they’re people you respect no matter if they’re game villains or not.

Thank you for reading, you got your first pice of exclusive news, this is only on Derpy Reviews. Check back tomorrow for some more interview! : )
Gard Skinner


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