Derpy's Days Of Giving 2013 Day 7

Welcome back to our final day of Derpy's Days Of Giving. I feel that its bitter sweet. First and foremost, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas, for those of you who don't, enjoy your break and have a happy New Year. Lets get into our last part of my interview with Gard Skinner.
Question #23

Derpy: How do you think of these in-depth characters?

Gard: Now that’s an interesting question because you would not believe how different the reviews on my characters are. Some think they’re deep and others say they’re shallow.

And I think – maybe – it comes down to how hooked each reviewer is on modern video games.

So, think about Phoenix and Dakota. How old are they, really? What life experiences do they HAVE? More important, what life experiences do they LACK? What stories could I tell about their past?

We gamers have common games, so we kind of know those guys and girls, don’t we? What their lives must be like? Who hasn’t played Halo? Who didn’t think maybe that was Master Chief in the first scene, throwing that sticky grenade?

But if you don’t play games, the characters are a blanker slate. Not that that’s bad, it’s just different for those of us who run around in games a lot compared to those who don’t.

See, there are a couple of hidden little things in Game Slaves about how it reads and how it “plays.” They’re not too important, but fun if you think about them. Like Easter eggs… but more like gamer eggs. I won’t give them away. You have to have played some games to notice them.

Question #24

Derpy: What is your favorite part of your job?

Gard: I don’t know yet. I’m very new. All great video games are simply great puzzles, no matter if they’re action or shooter or RPG. Publishing Game Slaves a puzzle, and we solved it. That may be my favorite part right now.

Question #25
Derpy: Are you thinking of making a series out of Game Slaves? 

Gard: I guarantee you that someday, somehow, there will be a Game Slaves 2. It’s a puzzle I’m determined to solve.
Yep thats right folks, he did just confirm that there is going to be a Game Slaves #2 you heard that here and no where else. 
I would just like to give a huge shout out to Gard Skinner for doing this interview with me and just being very supportive of everything, I'd also like to thank my book group for being a group so I could get Game Slaves and do all of this, and finally I would like to thank all of you for being here to read this. Thank you. Enjoy your break and your time off and have a happy new year.
Game Slaves is not out and is available for pre-order here or here.
Thank you for reading, enjoy your self and I hope to do more of these interviews, If you are a author and you are interested in doing one of these contact me on the very bottom of the page. Thanks. : )


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